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al servizio dell’eleganza…

History, culture and tradition are not improvised: the new Fibretex generation was born from this mix. A knitwear manufacturer that has been producing exclusively Made in Italy garments since 1957 , able to make the most out of fine yarns, with innovative techniques and a clean and straightforward design. Always at the forefront in proposing new knitting and treatment solutions, to enhance the quality of the yarns used.

Since 1957 Fibretex has always been a workshop of ideas in constant evolution, which take shape every day. The art of knitting is a part of Fibretex DNA, which produces and distributes garments from 18gg to 3gg, either on seamless and electronic machines. All our garments are made in full compliance with the made in Italy tradition.

“ Puro stimolo per i nostri sensi “

Laboratorio di maglieria in continua evoluzione

Know-how – Ricerca – Artigianalità

La  ricerca di materie prime di eccellente qualità come il cashmere, ci ha portati in “Nepal”.

Tra la catena montuosa dell’Himalaya e la pianura

del Gang  vive la capra “Hircus”, che dal suo “Duvet” morbido e soffice, dà vita a una delle fibre più nobili: il “cashmere”.

Questo è il cuore del Nepal

Fineness, softness and lightness are the features of a collection dedicated to a refined elegance to wear every day. Yarns of everlasting preciousness like pure cashmere and Supergeelong are transformed into precious sweaters of a contemporary and dynamic Made in Italy look.

A knitwear collection inspired by the London Preppy look. Worthy selected fibres as Shetland wool, Extrafine Merinos and pure Cashmere give the garments a high quality and a sober urban chic style , enriched with details to create “emotions to wear everyday”.


We pay a special care to all the details, by testing all the raw materials and searching the best quality, to offer a distinguished product.

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